Lots Of New Discoveries...

Some of these aren't such new discoveries, but as I've been away from the blog a while I thought it only right to back track and chat about the people who've caught my attention since I last posted. 

I got the heads up about this band via email and quickly had a listen to their promo material. I'm not so sure what I was expecting but within 30 seconds I was more than convinced. HUGE live show potential. Their debut self-titled record is actually set to drop on the 4th of September so get your hands on that and get down to a show, because even with similar bands like Wolf Alice and Yuck around blowing our minds right now, I think False Advertising will have a lot to bring to the table once this hits shelves! Particularly, check out their tracks "Dozer" and "Wasted Away".

This Bristol based collective have come about really under the radar. 100% home-grown - no Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even Bandcamp... just a simple Soundcloud with minimal information on what they're about. Hate to be cliche - but their music certainly does the talking for them. On their debut EP These Aren't Hits, hip-hop influences really come through on the instrumentals with these influences carrying over to their debut album - Isolacious (released just 3 months later!!!). Especially love tracks like "Confessions" and "Pillow Talk" while both abundantly different - both display huge levels of versatility, making it impossible to pin Bad Places down in just one genre. Get your hands on their music for free on their soundcloud. I'd definitely say - watch this space.

To this day I can't remember what drew me to this band, but whatever it was, thank God! For a while I was worried that music (especially rock/indie rock) was becoming far too bland and generic. Hyena, whilst not doing anything particularly groundbreaking, have finally given me something energetic and not just the standard 4 by 4, cookie cutter, indie, "woop woop" music we're becoming far too content with. Love their track "Mental Home" - Royal Blood/QOTSA beat with Interpol vocals - yes per-lease. I predict that big things are due for these guys.

There's a lot of potential for this band. I don't feel like they're where they could be just yet, but with only a debut EP out - Inside My Head - they've got plenty of room to grow! They've got a lot of push behind them, already landing a support gig with Architects so I'm excited to see how much they improve between now and their debut album! Until then get the new EP in your ears (sweet track - "Failure"). Expect to see Rocksound and Kerrang mentioning these guys quite a bit in the months to come so keep an eye out.

Last but not least, only right that I feature some new music that I've discovered since I've been in Australia. This duo might have come about at just the perfect time - with Haim sort of off the map and London Grammar too, there aren't many bands in the spotlight that sound like them (and I'm still waiting on The Night VI's record). I digress, Winters End have huge potential and the kind of sound that could fill arenas! Their single "Mayfair" is an anthem - thumping drums and soaring vocals, it's definitely not the kind of song you could just ignore. I really hope that this makes a mark over across the Atlantic.



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